Too Heavy


ImageWhen Jase was three or four or so he and I made a trip to the local grocery store to buy just a few items.  As we walked in I grabbed one of those small hand held baskets.  Jase looked up at me and with a big grin and in all seriousness said, “I wanna carry it.”  Of course, being the good daddy I am, I let him.  As we walked he carried the basket with no problem.  Then I started putting things in the basket.  First a can.  No problem.  Another can.  Ok, he can handle it.  As I kept adding things to the basket it kept getting lower.  As it got lower Jase got slower.  Each time I’d add something I’d ask, “Do you want me to carry it?” 

“No,” he would say, “I got it.”

This went on until finally the basket was more or less on…

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  1. mikesmith110 says:

    Excellent, thanks, mike

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