Ajax and Ivory

Certain aromas, smells, seem to bring memories and emotions, good and bad, rushing to our minds.  Some smells conjure thoughts that force an instant smile and sometimes a giggle.  Others may carry with it a heartache, longing or tear.  Smells are powerful things. 

There are odors that always take me back to childhood visits to my grandparent’s old frame house in Paris, TX.  There was a plethora (yes, I know what that word means) of fragrances in and around their house.  There was a well worn, musty brown rug that stretched wall to wall in the living room.  There were the distinct, pungent chewed cigar bits that scattered the driveway and various ashtrays throughout the house.  Dogs.  Cats. The swamp cooler.  Each with its unique distinguishing scent.

Yet, with such a bouquet of aromas the two that I can recollect and smell with out smelling are Ivory soap and Ajax (I seem to recall a song by Paul McCartney and Mr. Clean called Ajax and Ivory).  My grandparent’s bathroom, the only one in the house, replete with showerless claw foot bathtub, always overpowered its occupant with the crisp blending of Ajax and Ivory soap.  Even today I love those two scents whether separate or in aromatic harmony.  They bring back warm memories.

The Bible, in Revelation, tells of a bowl of incense being the prayers of God’s saints.  I can picture in my mind as the smoke from the incense wafts up to God’s face He closes His eyes and inhales the full bouquet of prayers of millions of His saints.  May it bring you peace and comfort to know God not only hears your prayers but that they are a sweet aroma to Him.


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Child of God. Husband. Father. Dreamer.
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