Snuff Glasses

I don’t dip snuff or chew tobacco nor do I condone such things.  I’m not passing judgment here, whether partaking of tobacco products is morally good or bad.  I’m simply stating I don’t do it.  However, there have always been members of my family who have dipped or chewed and some even smoke.  When I was a kid I thought snuff came in a can and chewing tobacco in a pouch.  My first job was in a small Affiliated grocery store.  It was there that I learned, while stocking shelves, snuff also comes in pouches and glass containers.  I held that glass of snuff in my hand realizing I knew that glass all too well.  I spent many days of many summers at my grandparent’s house in Paris.  And on many of those days I drank milk, cool aid and water from one of those little snuff glasses.  You see, Grandmother had taken and repurposed them.  They were just the right size for the little hand of a little kid.

I like that word “repurpose”. It means to take a thing that is used for one thing or is no longer useful for its original purpose and make it useful for something else.  God does that. He takes lives that have been wasted, used up or neglected and repurposes them.  He’ll clean them, repair and mend them and make something beautiful and useful.

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  1. Paul Hickman says:

    Thanks, Jason,  Another good one!!  Paul


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