Rotary Phones

When I was a kid and my brothers and I would spend a couple of weeks at my grandparent’s house during the summer, sometimes mom would miss us soooo much she would call on the phone just to hear our sweet little angelic voices. Or, more than likely, she would call to make sure everyone was still alive (meaning my grandparents).  Although we had nothing to say, my brothers and I liked talking on the phone.

Things, phones, were different back then.  I can remember two telephones at my grandparent’s house: one on the dining room wall by the kitchen and one on Grandmother’s vanity in her bedroom.  These phones were both rotary.  If you’re not familiar with rotary phones, well, they have a dial on their face rather than buttons.  Also, these phones are “hard wired” to the wall.  What this means is that the cord from the phone to the wall is permanently attached.  You can’t unplug the cord from the phone or the wall.  Today’s phones have a cord that plugs into the phone and into the phone jack on the wall.  This makes it possible to move the phone from room to room throughout the house.  In fact many, if not most, telephones today are cordless.  This nifty feature allows you to carry a cordless handset telephone not only throughout the house but also into the garage, yard or shed! 

It gets better!  Most people today not only have cordless phones that allow more communication freedom at home, they have mobile telephones that allow communication from almost anywhere!

Back to my grandparent’s house and telephones.  If you needed to talk to anyone on the phone at their house you were restricted and limited in your ability: either you sat at Grandmother’s vanity in the bedroom or you sat in a dining room chair against the kitchen wall.  You also had almost no privacy.  Even if you closed my grandparent’s bedroom door your conversation could still most likely be heard in the living room.  Because of this you were careful what you talked about… no real personal stuff. 

I’m grateful to have a God who is omnipresent.  In case you don’t know, this is a big fancy word that means He’s everywhere at once. Kind of a hard concept for our little minds to grasp.  I like having a God that big.  His being everywhere means that He’s always were I am. I don’t have to call Him long distance to talk to him.  I don’t even have to make a local call.  In fact I don’t have to speak out loud! God is as close as a thought.  I can “voice” my prayers in my head, anytime, anywhere and He hears every syllable of every word.  I’m glad my God is bigger than Ma Bell.

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