Baby on the Back Porch

There are only three places in and around my grandparents house I didn’t know like the back of my hand. I never went under the house… enough said. I stayed out of the closets. They scared the ever lovin’ life out of me. And I only went in the back yard because it was the quickest way to the garage, which was separate from the house. Now, the back yard wasn’t scary or creepy like the closets or crawlspace. It was just a yard. There was an old covered porch with an old washing machine complete with an attached ringer, lots of really tall grass hiding lots of crawdad mounds and… there was Baby.

Baby was the reason I avoided the back yard like a Jr high boy avoids the shower at summer camp. Baby was my uncles “dog”. I put dog in quotes because I’m not sure that’s what she actually was. I know she was half wolf or coyote or dingo or jackal and half demon… I think. She was a beautiful animal. In as much as a half coyote/wolf/ dingo/ jackal/ demon can be beautiful. To my recollection she always stayed on that ol’ back porch, mainly because she was chained to it. Well, she would leave long enough to stalk us like prey as we cautiously, nervously walked from the back door to the back yard gate.

I don’t know that Baby ever attacked or bit anyone. Ohhh, but she wanted to! Every time one of us kids walked through that kitchen and the only thing between her and us was a rickety screen door you could sense in her body language and see in her eyes that she really, really, REALLY wanted to eat us. But she never did. With all that was in Baby telling her to eat me there must have been something stronger saying, “Don’t!” Or it may have been that I smelled pretty ripe and didn’t have much meat on my bones.

When I think of Baby she reminds me a lot of myself. No, not the being a dog or having fleas part. Its Baby’s being half wild and half tame. Although I’ve been saved and have been made a new creation in Christ, there is still that part of me that so strongly wants to sin and do those things I know to be wrong. However, because I am saved and have been made a new creation in Christ the Holy Spirit of God empowers me to overcome that desire to sin and enables me to live righteously and holy. Read what God has to say about Baby and me in Romans chapter 7.


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