Chihuahua Guano

Granddaddy always had dogs.  I use the word dog loosely.  He really had Chihuahuas.  My memory isn’t the best but from what I do remember he always had several dozen of these little beasts.  Seems like no one who has Chihuahuas ever has just one.  I’m sure there were times Granddaddy only had one but it always seemed like more. 

Every breed of dog I’ve ever been around has been capable of being house broken.  This means you can train them to poop in the yard… outside.  Chihuahuas are not house breakable…  totally incapable of being taught: potty here, not here.  Oh, I know if you’re reading this and have a Chihuahua he is the exception.  Good for you and little Einstein.  Ford made a few good Pintos too. 

Now you’d think that Chihuahua droppings would be small and thus fairly inconsequential.  The problem with Granddaddy’s dogs and their lack of discipline and self-control is that Granddaddy fed them table scraps and something extremely cheap from a can that someone had labeled “dog food”.  When you feed a dog these types of things bad things happen… on the carpet, linoleum and anywhere the dog is when nature calls.  When you feed a dog cheap food, food not necessarily designed for him, the results are unpleasant (especially if you get up in the middle of the night barefoot).  There tends to be ample waste and a disproportionate amount of aromatic displeasure.  So, by feeding the Chihuahua food he shouldn’t eat, what comes out makes a miserable experience for everyone around him.

Now that I’m “grown” I have three dogs.  One of which is a Chihuahua mix.  I’ve learned however, that if I feed my dogs “healthy” food it creates a better experience for all involved.  There tends to be less poop and less stink. 

What I’ve learned about dogs is this: what goes in largely determines what comes out.  This is true with people on a spiritual/ moral level as well.  If I “feed” or fill my mind with “whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely and commendable” (Philippians 4:8) then what comes out, the way I act and behave, is commensurate.  And like the Chihuahuas, and my dogs, the end result of what I consume spiritually directly affects those around me.


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