Monkey Blood

My brothers and I didn’t seem to get hurt much as kids. We had an occasional broken bone or large rock dropped on our heads, but I honestly don’t remember many cuts and scrapes. Because of that I really don’t remember what kind of antiseptic, if any, my mom used on us. We lived in the suburbs so there weren’t many fun places where we had opportunity to be injured.

At and around my grandparent’s house were plenty of places to be critically or lethally wounded. Ample broken glass, rusty nails, sharp corners on tin roofs, thorns, rocks… the list is seemingly endless. I remember the first time one of my brothers or I was hurt and required medical treatment. It was very traumatic for us. The patient was taken to the kitchen and sat up on the washing machine which was next to the medicine/ spice cabinet. Grandmother took down a little metal can of Band-Aids and a bottle of something she said was (to be read slowly in a deep voice for full dramatic effect)… MONKEY BLOOD. We had no idea what this was. It came in a small brown bottle and was applied with a dip stick attached to the underside of the lid. It was called monkey blood, I guess, because of its bright red-orange color. We didn’t know it wasn’t real blood from a real monkey. At that point all we knew for certain was the cut or scrape wasn’t so bad after all. It would probably, most likely, absolutely heal just fine on its own. No need for monkey blood! Grandmother knew, however, that without the monkey blood there was potential for infection which leads to gangrene which leads to lockjaw which, of course, eventually leads to a slow painful death. And we weren’t allowed to die at Grandmother’s house. So she covered the wound and everything within 10 feet of the wound with monkey blood.

In reality monkey blood wasn’t blood at all. It was an antiseptic now banned in the USA because of its mercury content. There is, however, a blood that does heal. It heals more than just superficial cuts, scrapes and road rashes. This blood heals that congenital, mortal wound that is present in every human heart and soul: sin. The blood of Jesus covers and heals; completely, eternally. And there’s no potential for mercury poisoning.


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Child of God. Husband. Father. Dreamer.
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