Bunnies and the Kingdom of God

With my job I have opportunity to work nights pretty often (“opportunity” means they pay me extra for working nights).  You can see some pretty interesting things when you stay out all night, especially when you are downtown.  I saw a rabbit.  I was working on Throckmorton near the Municipal Courts building when I saw it.  On either side of the road on the sidewalks are concrete planters/ benches.  Planted in these are trees, holly berry bushes and a few flowers.  One night my work partner, Mike, and I were preparing to work in a man hole when we saw the little rabbit come out of the holly berry bushes in one of the planters and hop south down Throckmorton towards City Hall.  Then, around three or four in the morning we saw him come back and hop back into the bushes in the planter.  Mike and I saw the rabbit on about four different nights.  Each night it was either coming out or going into the bushes.

In my neighborhood I’ve seen all kinds of animals.  But seeing the rabbit downtown surprised me.  It also delighted me.  Every time I saw it I was reminded of God’s provision and the reality of His kingdom.  His provision because of how the little rabbit flourished it the most unlikely of places; a place he shouldn’t be.   It reminded me of God’s Kingdom because of this simple yet incredible thing of beauty living, growing and thriving in the middle of hardness, hostility and mess (find and read “This Beautiful Mess” by Rick McKinnley).

I’m grateful for that rabbit and our brief relationship.  I’m grateful for his reminding me of God.  I hope you’re able to see the beauty of God’s Kingdom in the in your world today.


About jthomasrodgers

Child of God. Husband. Father. Dreamer.
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