I Will Make You Catchers of Crawfish

When I Was A Kid my brothers and I would go camping inArkansaswith my Granddaddy. Where we went camping near theLittle Missouri Riverthere were many small streams and tributaries of cold, clear and usually shallow water. Granddaddy liked to camp at Bard Springs and always picked the same spot. I think because of it’s proximity to the creek… it was just down a small hill. We used the cold mountain water for keeping our sodas and milk cold and also for bathing. But one of our favorite things to do was catch crawdads. I think when you catch them in the wild they are crawdads but if you pay money for them then they are called crawfish. Doesn’t seem right that fish cost money but dads are free.

We learned several effective ways of catching crawdads from Granddaddy. One of the easiest and quickest involved cutting both ends out of a large or medium sized coffee can. When you see the crawdad you want you simply place the can over him so he can’t escape then reach in and grab him. Important to note here is that crawdads swim backward… really fast. So if you reach in to grab him expecting him to swim or crawl away forward it usually scares the b’jeebers out of you the first time.

A second highly effective way of catching crawdads is with a piece of string (kite string, fishing line, etc) and bacon or salt pork (salt pork, for those of you more refined folks, is a delicious alternative to bacon… just less healthy). You tie the bacon to the end of the string then, while holding the other end of the string, lower the bacon in front of the crawdad. And, like any country-loving-red-blooded American, the crawdad will quickly grab onto the bacon and nearly fight you to the death for it. Now you just lift him out of the water and place him in to your crawdad bucket.

The third most effective way to catch crawdads is to reach into the water and pick them up. While effective, this way is not nearly as creative or fun as the string or can methods.

I’ve given you three methods to catch crawdads. And while these three are effective they are not the only ways to do it. The point is to catch them. The method is only a means to an end. There is more than one way of catching crawdads; there is also more than one way of catching men. Jesus told His disciples that He would make them “fishers of men” and so He did. We know that the only way to be saved is by grace through faith in Jesus. But the ways of leading men to that end are numerous. You can use a Gospel Tract, Romans Road, your testimony etc. Whatever your method of leading men (people) to Christ is, the point is to lead them to Christ.

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