The Dearborn Heater

When I was a kid we didn’t just visit my Grandparents in Paris during the summer.  We would visit several times throughout the year.  During Christmas time we would spend several days at their house.  It was an old, old house.  I believe someone told me it was built around 1920.  It was a simple wood frame, pier and beam house.  There was no AC or central heat.  To cool the house there was a swamp cooler in the living room and the front and back doors were lined up so that if they were both open you would usually have a nice breeze coming through.  We loved to stand in front of the swamp cooler where a slight spray of water would moisten our faces.  We’d talk and sing into it because it made our voices sound choppy like robots.   Or so we thought.   In the winter the house was heated by a gas wall heater in the bathroom, a Dearborn heater in the living room and the oven in the kitchen would heat the back of the house.  We found out that if someone stood in front of the heater too long it was fun to pull on the front of their pant legs causing the extremely hot back to touch their skin.  Always a great reaction.

To this day I love Dearborn heaters.  When we stayed at my grandparent’s house my brothers and I would sleep on the sleeper sofa.  When pulled out it would be just a few feet from the Dearborn.  We would always lie with our heads at the foot end of the bed under the hand-made quilts and wool army blankets with our heads sunk into old feather pillows so we could watch the  light from the dancing flames of the heater and listen to the soft humming, hissing.  What a comforting feeling that was.  I felt safe.  I felt peace and security.  All the troubles of life and the world, any wrongs or hurts would seem to fade into the darkness.

 There is a Light that does provide true peace and security.  There is a Light that heals hurts and rights wrongs.   Scripture tells us that Light is Jesus.  The comfort that He gives is infinitely greater than any I felt as a child in front of my grandparent’s Dearborn.  My prayer is that you, too, would know that warmth, peace and security.

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Child of God. Husband. Father. Dreamer.
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