The One and Only

I was converted the summer after my freshman year in college.  Let me explain.  When I was a kid we drank Coca Cola at our house.  That’s what my parents drank so that’s what we kids drank.  Then the first summer I worked at church camp in GlenRose, TX my boss only gave us Dr. Pepper to drink.  I could have bought Coke but if someone is giving me something for free…  So it was that summer that I was introduced to and fell in love with the Dr. 

Through the years I have continued drinking Dr. Pepper.  It’s only the greatest drink on Earth.  Almost everywhere you go inTexas you can get DP.  Sometimes, though, I’ll venture into some ungodly establishment that doesn’t have my DP.   For example I may take my kids to the dollar show that actually cost two dollars.  I’ll go up to the payday loan officer at the theater, get a $500 loan at 45% interest then proceed to the concession stand for popcorn and drink only to be told by the friendly young person that they don’t have DP.  “We do have Mr. Pibb”, they tell me, “it’s the same thing.”

 The same thing?!  The same thing they say!!  I assume they have either never had DP and Mr. Pibb or they think I’m just not very bright and will believe anything they tell me.  After all I have just paid $2 for the $1 show and I’m about to spend more on snack food that will last only through the previews then I spend on lunch for an entire week.  Everything in me wants to argue with them and use every bit of sarcasm I can muster… then I hear my kids say, “Can we have Sprite?”

 Paul, in his letters to the Corinthians and Galatians mentions their acceptance of a “different gospel”.  Someone had come in trying to present something other than the true Gospel of Christ and these believers were swallowing it just like folks try to get me to swallow Mr. Pibb by claiming it’s the same as Dr. Pepper.  The novice, untrained tongue may be fooled into believing that Pibb tastes just like DP.  I will never be fooled.  Many folks today are being fooled to believe in a “different gospel”.  Turn on your TV or radio and you can hear this “different gospel” everyday.  How do you protect yourself?  Become an expert in the true Gospel of Christ.  Immerse yourself in His word and  in true Spirit lead teaching.   

And next time you go to the dollar show get the Sprite.

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4 Responses to The One and Only

  1. Pam Rodgers Williamson says:

    John, discovered your blog and enjoying it.

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