Turtles and Paradoxes

When I was a kid my Granddaddy used to wake up my brothers and me really early in the morning so we could eat then hit the road for our day’s adventure. Granddaddy usually drove an old white Datsun truck. Sometimes it’d have a camper shell, sometimes it didn’t. But always my brothers and I loved to ride sitting on the tailgate with our feet hanging down. It seemed like every morning inParis was perfect. It was sunny yet the air was crisp and there was always dew covering the grass. We’d drive around in silence enjoying the wind on our backs watching where we had been but all the while knowing where we were going: to the bridge.

On the edge of town, down a usually empty road was an old bridge that crossed some river or creek. Granddaddy would park on the side of the road just past the bridge. He would sit in the truck for a bit as my brothers and I would take the BB gun and go to the middle of the bridge and shoot at turtles in the water. We would have spent all day shooting those turtles. I don’t think we ever killed any. They’re awful tough to kill at twenty yards with a BB gun. But every time we’d shoot and they’d go under water we just new we had ‘em. As we got older we started using 22 rifles. These, of course, had a little more detrimental effect on the turtle’s health (don’t judge me).

I can remember times when as we drove around town Granddaddy would pull the truck to the side of the road. Then he would holler at one of us to go move a turtle that was trying to cross the road into the bar ditch (bar ditch is a TX term… look it up). One of us would scamper off to save the poor creature’s life leaving us feeling a bit like a hero.

It’s funny to me how we would shoot at turtles to kill them in a creek but would risk our lives to move one off the road. Seems our lives are full of paradoxes like this. We go to church on Sunday and act like saints around church folk and live like the devil on Monday around “regular” folk. We continue to be slaves to sin yet we have been bought and set free by the blood of Christ. The Apostle Paul dealt with this issue of contradictions in his life as he tells us so eloquently in Romans 7 (go read it). Jesus tells us to let our yes be yes and our no be no in Matthew 5. I guess I just long for consistency… in my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

My prayer is that as the children of God we would desire to live consistently: Consistently pleasing to our Father.

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Child of God. Husband. Father. Dreamer.
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