“When I was a kid…”  Those words are often followed by what the speaker feels is some nugget of truth or wisdom or a warm fuzzy about the “way things used to be”.  I’m going to take this space to share with you what I think might be a little (probably very little) insight and wisdom.

I’m going to share with you some things that most people would try to hide.   These are stories you’d probably hear from either my mom or wife in that tone of voice … I thought I would go ahead and share them myself.

When I was a kid my mother had two pet goldfish that she kept  in a regular goldfish bowl on the bar in the kitchen.  One day my brother, Jon, and I felt that the fish were way overdue for a bath.  After a thoughtful discussion on the pros of this endeavor (never considered there might be any cons) we dutifully headed to the bathroom and retrieved a bar of bathsoap.  Then we proudly (read sneakily) went back to to the kitchen pushed a chair from the kitchen table to the bar and climbed right on up then, with that bar of soap, gave the goldfish a much needed bath.

 Later we learned a very valuable lesson.  Fish don’t need baths (who knew?). Mom taught us that lesson.  I also learned that although some things don’t need to be cleaned other things do.  Things like my soul.  Children don’t need to be taught to do things that are wrong.  They just seem to know.  That’s because we’re all born in sin with souls that need cleaned. There is good news! We have a Savior who loves us and can clean those souls of ours.  Isaiah tells us that “Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are as red as crimson, they will be like wool.”

I’m grateful I don’t have to do the cleaning.  If I did my life would end the same way my mom’s fish did.


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Child of God. Husband. Father. Dreamer.
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