Sweet Water

When I Was A Kid my Granddaddy would take my brothers and me camping in Arkansas every summer. When I was very young we’d stay in a pretty little campground called Alpert Pike. As I got older it got more and more crowded so Granddaddy moved us to the very top of the mountain to a very secluded campground called Bard Springs.

Granddaddy was always well prepared for our trips. He always had “flapjacks” and bacon for breakfast. We’d have Sandwiches for lunch and fried Spam with Ranch Style beans for supper. Everyday was the same. As he would be packing the truck and trailer to leave for Arkansas there was always one thing conspicuously missing: drinks. Granddaddy would pack a box of powdered milk and a jar of Sanka but no water.

Now, we all know that water is essential to life. Mainly because it is the main ingredient in coffee and Dr. Pepper. My brothers and I knew, though, that Granddaddy hadn’t forgotten the water. It was waiting for us in Arkansas. As we headed up the mountain to Bard Springs there was a long pipe that ran down from somewhere way up beyond where we could see. And out of this pipe trickled the coldest, sweetest tasting water on Earth. Granddaddy would stop the truck and we’d fill several gallon milk jugs (and our tummies) full of this water. That water kept us going during those hot, humid days on the mountain. It not only gave us life, it was a joy to drink. We always looked forward to stopping to fill those jugs and drinking that spring water.

Jesus tells us in John 4:13-14 that if we drink the water He gives us we’ll never thirst again. The Spring that is Jesus is the sweetest, most refreshing, the only true Life Giving water. The same way my brothers and I so eagerly anticipated drinking and filling up on that spring water in Arkansas, I should long for drinking and filling up on Jesus. He gives us life and is a true joy to drink.


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Child of God. Husband. Father. Dreamer.
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